Monday, July 18, 2011

Becca's Proud to be an American

Driver’s Education Paper

I deserve a driver’s permit because I have waited 6 long months to take this class with a friend, but at the last moment she bailed on me, therefore in order to get new friends I need to be cool and be able to drive. In order to drive I am required by law to obtain a driving permit, since I pride myself in being a law abiding citizen I would like to continue being so. From a young age I have done my part to lend a helping hand in my community, not only have I delivered the local newspaper to my neighbors and friends but I have also been actively involved in my church’s youth group by serving in leadership positions there.

In my free time I enjoy being responsible and caring for my two dogs and bunny, as well as my Grandma who is ill and living with us. I enjoy listening to her stories about growing up during and after World War II. When I am not busy I enjoy reading about America’s history as well as reading biographies of those who have done their part in bettering this great country. When I have the spare time in between school and my extracurricular activities which include my school’s key club, a service organization, my favorite television show to watch is Parks and Recreation. A show about how a dutiful woman is helping her local government improve her city. I someday wish to be like Leslie Knope and in order to do so I must continue living within the confines of the law. I also must continue being responsible in caring for my community by being involved and getting a job which will be much easier to do once I am able to drive first with driver’s permit and a responsible adult, and then on my own with my driver’s license. Also, I am really looking forward to becoming an organ donor.