Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Welcome To My Life

Good afternoon world,
My name is Emily, and this is my attempt to become more productive with my current life.
First, some background information about myself.
I was a scrub in high school. I am LDS, because of this, and me not living in Utah, Arizona, or Idaho, I went to a thing called early morning seminary. A glorious program where we, as LDS high school students, get to learn more about scriptures. It also started at 6:10 am. Therefore I would more often than not, role out of bed at 6:00, get all my school stuff together, then head out the door to make it to seminary by 6:20ish... In my pajamas. I would then go to school, still unshowered in pajamas. When I came home from school around 3:30, I would change into normal clothes, so my father wouldn't get upset at the fact that I went to school in scrubs and a sweatshirt. Such was my life.
After high school I went to a semester of college at Utah State University. It was a good place, but I was still a scrub.
One day, after rolling out of bed 20 minutes before my class, I was walking in my scrubs and t-shirt towards one of my classes. While walking and staring at the ground, I noticed some side walk chalk that said something about a Disney program.
Long story short, after a presentation, a quick roadtrip to San Fransico, a terrible audition on my part, I didn't get the position I wanted. I did however, get an offer for a lesser position. Instead of me being in the costumes, I would be able to babysit the people in the costumes.
I accepted. Then flew down to Orlando Florida to begin my first real adventure. Working at Disney World.
While there I started taking care of myself, I still didn't shower everyday, but I did it more often. I was cleaner, more confident. People liked me, they liked me so much that they actually complimented me. I ended up working hard and finally becoming a performer, not a good one, but still I got the role I wanted. More people started liking me, more people started complimenting me. My confidence level sky rocketed.
After a year of that, I returned to school in Utah for one year.
When I turned 21, I went on my next big adventure. I went on a 18 month mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, in the Idaho Pocatello Mission. The IPM, the best mission in the world. I started taking better care of myself. I showered everyday, and I still do.

But this blog isn't about my past. It's about the present, and the future.

Let's move on to the purpose:

PURPOSE: Help Emily be more productive, and accountable to my goals. Whatever they may be.

Ok, so how is this blog going to help me?
1.) The more people who know about my goals, the more embarrassed and ashamed I will be if I don't achieve them.
I can't think of any other reasons....

So, throughout this all I am going to be completely honest about everything. Beware.


1.) Run a marathon with my best friend Jenni in September.
2.) Clean my basement
3.) Learn the Single Ladie's, Beyonce Dance
4.) Move out to Utah in April
5.) Graduate school
6.) Become a Broadway Star
7.) Get my weight down to 130

ps. I have a lot more, but these are the most important to me as of now.

Each day I will post what I have done to help me achieve these goals!

Be excited.
I know I am.

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  1. Emily!! My best friend! I promise you we will run that marathon! are you signed up yet?? and welcome to the wonderful world of blogging.. pretty great isnt it? love you!!