Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Taking Chances

Hello friends,

I have been watching Avatar:The Last Airbender (cartoon, not movie) BECAUSE I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!

After a couple of episodes I realized that my sister, Autumn, had told me that had been revamped. So I looked. It is an interesting new look. There is this one section that is titled, "our people." I looked, and there are a bunch of videos. The first one I picked to watch was one where this guy is wearing pretty awesome glasses. It's amazing.

I then proceeded to watch all of the other ones. They have some incredible people on there. They all end with them saying things about who they are, and the last line is always, ".... And I'm a Mormon."

Today I have been having thoughts about how different everybody is, and how beautiful that is. I love it, these video's show that. I am sure that a lot of these people had A LOT of differences on how they view the world, but they all pursued what they loved, They all were mormon!

I LOVE PEOPLE!! I love that people have so much potential for good, no matter who they are, no matter what religion, no matter what political opinion, no matter where they live. I love it.

I have been searching lately. Searching for a passion in life. It sounds bizarre, but I really feel as if my life has been lacking a passion. I've had one, just been too scared to really do anything about it. I LOVE FILM!!! I have ALWAYS wanted to be a part of it. It sounds so ridiculous though.

Lately though, I have been realizing something. WHO CARES!!! If you love something, you might as well try. I have been around so many people lately who are at a crossroads in there life, and they seem to be stuck, and it's because they are afraid of taking chances. I DON'T WANT THAT!!!!! I have decided that I AM GOING TO PURSUE MY PASSION!!!! I'm going to start learning more about film, I'm going to buy a camera, and I am going to try creating something beautiful.

I'm a student. I'm a sister. I'm an aspiring film director. I'm Emily Bertschinger, And I'm a Mormon.

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