Monday, November 22, 2010


Now for the post you have all been waiting for....


Yesterday was the end of my busy week. Thank goodness my week went better than my night last night.

My day started off pretty great, I found somebody to accompany the ward choir, and when I went to choir practice there were actually people there! Not many, but some, enough to form a small choir. I feel bad for my choir, because I really don't know what I am doing. We as a choir were able to put something together, and we sang How Firm a Foundation after the missionaries spoke. I feel that it went well. NEXT WEEK WE START CHRISTMAS MUSIC!!!! I am actually pretty pumped about that.

After Sacrament meeting Alyson and I were privileged to have a private sunday school lesson about the new family search. Which really just made my mind hurt. Family History and me= pain.

After church, I found an accompianist. Bless her, we practiced, (just twice). I then went to my apartment, moved my mirror into the kitchen so people wouldn't be able to hear me practice, and I practiced in front of the mirror for about an hour. I decided, I might not be the greatest singer that night, but heck I looked really good. I would date me.

I got to the recital 15 min early. No one I had invited was there, I was a little dissapointed. I left for a bit to try to find water, the water fountain was broken... I came back and Courtney and Craig were there. Perfect I thought, I have some support! but people who will still have to love me no matter what. The recital started, and 5 minutes into it, other people started to show up: Crystal, Sharlee, David, Greg, Chris and Randi.


What makes this even worse, is that they had to wait over an hour to hear me. The people they had to listen to were not very good.

Finally it was my turn, I was actually pretty confident. I knew I looked great, and I knew the song. What could possibly go wrong?

I forgot the words in the second verse...

The music seemed to be going so fast, I couldn't think fast enough. I stood there awkwardly, I may have been smiling because I didn't know what else to do. I then thought to myself, screw it! I have messed this up! I started singing again, more confident because I just didn't care! UNTIL I FORGOT THE WORDS AGAIN!!! I felt like I was in a bad episode of American Idol. I finished the song, and I curtsied. I sat back down in my chair for about 20 seconds before I had to leave. I tip toed out, and found a random empty practice room. I went in, closed the door, and swore loudly while hitting the walls. After about five minutes of this, I left that room and went upstairs where I found an empty room with a beautiful piano. I started playing, no real songs, just chords and chord progressions. Thank you String board theory for helping me improvise on the piano.

After the recital was over, Courtney, Craig and I left quickly. In the parking lot I submitted Courtney, Craig and a random man who was pretty far ahead of us to my loud complaining. At one point I exclaimed "Well there goes my Broadway Career!" the man looks back, just as I step on a patch of ice. "I HATE THIS DAY!"

I drove home alone in my car, beating the steering wheel and swearing profusely. Inside my apartment I turned on Journey and Hanson full blast and changed into purple leggings with blue booty shorts and a grey tshirt and had myself a dance party.

While my music was blaring and my outfit was rockin', the passionate service committee came to see Alyson, who was not home. They brought her 4 cupcakes, which Alyson will never know about. The Ward Mission Leader also stopped by, this was exciting because he gave Alyson and I an assignment, we get to teach people about missionary work.

I also sent my friends a text, "thank you for coming and being witness to my epic fail, maybe next time i will only forget half of the words."
These were the responses.

Sharlee: "Good job Emily! You were great! I love you!"

Crystal: "You are most welcome my dear! you looked beautiful and you sounded great :) thanks for inviting us"

David: after asking me if I had fun, " You are at the recital because you want to be. I thought that the part you remembered were good but you only fail if you don't have fun :) so well done.

Randi: "Oh you were great. I looked pass the mess ups. And you had great stage presence!"

Chris:"No such thing, Emily!"

Courtney: "You have potential"

I have good friends. Liars, but good friends. A special thank you to Chris and Courtney who gave me positive smiles throughout the whole performance. It really made me feel ten times better about the situation.

Today it is snowing. I went to my last voice lesson, and told my teacher I was going to perform it for her. Really it was more for myself. I stood in the middle of the room, and I sang. I sang it well. for myself, which is kind of appropriate because the song, On My Own, she is singing for herself. hrm...

My teacher told me I had great stage presence, and told me I had it down. We chalked it up to me not being familiar with the accompanist, (when all else fails, blame somebody else).

This was a good experience, I have an idea for a great short screenplay, and I have a great embarrassing moment to tell dinner parties! I also know I can fail, and you know what? It aint that bad.

I still have friends.

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