Sunday, November 21, 2010

singin in the rain

New goal, I am going to write in this thing everyday this week. It is gonna happen.

Today is Sunday, I have been waiting for this day to be over all week. It hasn't been a bad week or even stressful, it is just that I have had many different important things to do each day of the week. How dreadful is that? I haven't had time for a nap all week long. Today I have to find a piano player, one for choir, and one for my recital tonight.

Speaking of the recital, I wasn't going to invite anyone to come to it, because then the only people who would judge me would be people I don't know, and I don't care about their opinions. I won't be as nervous, but today I woke up at 8 am.....(really internal clock... really?) and I sent a message to some friends inviting them to come.

I hope they don't come. So I can still get the credit for inviting them, but I don't have to be nervous about performing in front of people I know. They will never find out how bad I am at singing...

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