Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Today, I am going to put together a 750 piece puzzle. I am doing this because I am supposed to rest my knee. I need to rest my knee because I busted it skiing this past weekend. I tore my LCL and with that took off part of my fibula... Known as an Avulsion Fracture...Oh the joy.

I found out about this yesterday, my knee was feeling ok, but I was just nervous about it. So I went to the Doctor, I got x-rays, and I even cried a little bit.

Long story short, I am going to a specialist when I go home, and getting an MRI to determine if I need surgery or just a cast. Woot woot. Until then, I cannot bend my knee, or fall down again. Guess what happened last night, it snowed.... The walk to and from my 7:30 am final this morning felt like the walk of death, it was so slippery!! Also, I am not a fan of stairs.

Anywho, so that leaves me here with the whole rest of the day ahead of me to rest my knee. So I am putting together a 750 piece puzzle. If anyone cares to just chillax and puzzle it up with me, just come on over.

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