Saturday, January 22, 2011

Cuts Like a Knife

Hey friends,

Happy New Year! Look at that, I'm only 22 days late.

Well, as previously established, my ACL is torn. I am having reconstructive surgery this Friday!!! I am really really excited about it. It sounds ridiculous I know, but after the surgery, my hurt with be healing hurt. It will suck, but I will be working towards recovery, not just living with a broken piece.
Also, fun fact about my surgery, I will be having a donor's tissue instead of them taking my tissue. How exciting! Maybe I will start having this person's memories become some of mine.

So when I started this blog, it was a blog about goals. I would like to get back to that, also I enjoyed rereading my posts about my opinions on random articles.... anywho, goals.

Last year these were my goals.

1.) Run a marathon with my best friend Jenni in September.
2.) Clean my basement
3.) Learn the Single Ladie's, Beyonce Dance
4.) Move out to Utah in April
5.) Graduate school
6.) Become a Broadway Star
7.) Get my weight down to 130

Things I did, I moved to Utah.... and that is about it.

I still want to run a marathon, I will have to wait for my knee to be able to function normally again.
Not gonna clean my basement....
Still want to learn the Single Ladies dance.
Graduate school.... I AM GETTING CLOSER TO THAT!!!! next year!!! the end IS IN SIGHT!!
Broadway Star, someday.
130, I am getting closer, before my accident I was at 150. I am too afraid to step on a scale right now.... but yeah, I will get there.

Goals Goals Goals.
1. Graduate School
2. Get down to 130
3. Travel someplace (China, Peru, Paris, Tokyo....)
4. Be more honest with my thoughts and feelings.

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