Saturday, January 29, 2011



20 more minutes until I am allowed to take another Percocet. I wish I could get another shot in my groin so I couldn't feel this pain. It worked so well yesterday.

Yesterday I had my ACL surgery. It went well. Two weeks ago my surgeon said I could wear shorts for the surgery... Turns out I couldn't, I had surgery in the nude. Not that I really cared. They gave me a shot in the groin area that basically paralyzed my leg, It was fine, except that they neglected to tell me that my leg would start twitching severely. I didn't like it, and with the drugs they had already given me I started to cry. I must not have scared my anesthesiologist too bad with my nether regions because he held my hand once my tears started to flow.
He then gave me the stuff that put me out in about 30 seconds. He told me to think of a beautiful place that I wanted to be... I couldn't think of anything.
I woke up, and I hurt. I use the term, woke up, loosely. I couldn't really get my eyes to focus on anything, which made me tear up, so I opted to just go back to bed. This happened about 3 times. When I could keep my eyes open for more than 5 seconds the nurse rolled me into recovery, where I continued to cry. My mouth was dry, my knee in pain, my sister Desi, bless her heart, helped me eat a saltine cracker and half of a graham cracker. This just made my mouth drier, so she also held the water cup for me so I could try to provide moisture for my mouth. I wasn't cold, but I remember having uncontrollable shivers, my jaw kept quivering. After about an hour plus of me crying they gave me this wonderful drug into my IV and Percocet, on top of my Morphine. My pain subsided and I felt 100% out of it. It was great.

Once the pain was gone they let my get dressed, this was an interesting feat. Since my brace goes from my ankle all the way to my upper thigh, and is pretty fat. I can't wear underwear for at least the next 3 days. So I go commando in some running shorts and or sweats. Don't be jealous.

Desi took me to McDonalds, and got me a large water. Then we went to the Wal-Greens pharmacy to pick up my medication. Then came the hard part that started my water works once more. Climbing the stairs to get to my apartment. Desi had to hold me from behind the whole time, I almost fell forward a couple of times. I hate feeling like I have no control.

Today, my numbing drug has faded, and I hurt... A Lot. It is now 2 so I can take my pills. Hopefully the pain will lessen.

Word to the Wise, Courtney is the worst babysitter ever.

She hasn't once looked up from her computer to acknowledge my existence.


  1. You were watching Madmen on your computer!!!

  2. hahaha Courtney defending herself.

    i cry coming out of that stuff too! Im sorry it hurts :( i hope you get better fast :) love you!!