Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cruel to be Kind



least favorite holiday:Thanksgiving
Least favorite month: February

Don't think that this has anything to do with Valentines Day, I am perfectly ok with that day. I am not one of those annoying people who celebrate Single awareness day... uck.

BUT!!! I don't want to focus on what is getting me down! I want to focus on what is keeping me up!

Things I currently love.
Mumford & Sons: Thank you Erin for changing my life and inadvertently introducing me to them, they make me happy. I love their music.

I love not having to wear pants, especially in the freezing cold. Just wearing shorts and or leggings... but i prefer my shorts, with my brace . People always are like "wow! that sucks to be wearing shorts when it is FREEZING outside!!"
The thing is, I don't really notice the cold.. I am focusing on trying to commute from one place to another with my broken leg and my crutches.

I love all my current angst, as it serves for inspiration for my short stories and poems. Also, I am going to start turning my stuff into creative writing competitions. Might as well try right?

I love reading Huck Finn, even when I should be reading poems or other things for my classes. After I am done with Huck Finn, I'm gonna tackle Frankenstein.

I love having a reading list.

I love my friends, who are awesome, and often make me wonder why such amazing people want to be friends with a loser like me.

I love my sister Desi, nough said.

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