Monday, February 14, 2011

Love Song

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!!!!

This is a picture of the flower I bought myself! Isn't it great?!?! I love it.

I went to physical therapy today... Kind of a downer because I only increased my bendiness by 5 degrees, usually I improve by like 10... oh well, any progress is good progress right?

Then I went to school, my first class was canceled!!! BLESSING!!!! I then left and bought flowers for people I love, (even some people I am trying to just like a little bit). (I'm trying to be a good person) I made cards that I am pretty proud of, and I just finished delivering them all. I love valentines day, just a day to let people know you care!

If you are one of the.... lets say 3, people who will actually be reading this.


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