Monday, March 7, 2011

A Beautiful Mine


Has anyone else noticed this X-Files revival thing?? Everyone seems to be watching all of the different seasons. I would just like to take responsibility for this, since I started it with my friends around thanksgiving time, and now everyone is doing it.

Also, I am so unbefreakingly grateful that last week is now over. Talk about stress. Now I have a whole week to do absolutely nothing if that is what I feel like doing, and it probably is.

Embarrassing Confession: For the first time in my whole life I felt baby hungry. This is how it went.

Sitting at Jenni's baby shower... Thinking to myself....

Wow, that is a lot of love, having a baby. Destroying your body for a person you don't even know. He could be turn out to be anything...anyone.

I then went on thinking.

Too bad you need a spouse to have a baby. Actually, not really, I could: 1. adopt 2. in vitro fertilization or 3. just get knocked up

but wait. I don't have the time or the energy to currently love another person enough to be in a relationship... let alone have enough to have a child.

I have too many plans, having another human being tagging along would just be too much effort.

and POOF!! just like that my baby hunger was vanished.

Still, it scares me that I even felt it in the first place.

What is happening to me?


  1. so youre saying my body is destroyed??!!! thanks a lot emily!!!


  2. We got to get back on that X-Files train.