Thursday, March 10, 2011



For Lent I have given up Sugar (only really in the form of desserts... and or doughnuts) With that and my decreasing my cheese consumption I feel slightly overwhelmed.

Am I doomed??

I went grocery shopping and I loaded up on things I can still eat. Fruits, vegetables, proteins, and my yogurts. The fact that I drink almond milk, and I for 40 days will not be eating ice cream, and I rarely eat cheese... I keep my yogurt.

I can do this.

Also, I started reading my emails from high school. Yes I still have the majority of them. I WAS SUCH A LOSER!!!! I was laughing so hard the neighbors probably heard me. I mention The Lord of the Rings multiple times, and not in some passing way like, "oh did you see it?" Nope, I mention really really nerdy references multiple times. Don't be jealous.

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