Saturday, June 25, 2011

Life is a Highway

Cars 2........

I worked at Disney World in the year of 2006, which is also the year that Cars came out. I wasn't a huge fan of Cars, but as a film it worked.

When people think of Disney, they think, Castle's, Princesses, Mickey Mouse, and Tinkerbell. A little girl's dream. The folk over at Disney have been trying to create things that little boys can and will be excited about. So far they have come up with Pirates of the Caribbean, and now Cars. Both were good to begin with, but Disney has to do more than create, they have to push, and I feel as though they have pushed too hard for little boys approval. They are doing this at the expense of all of their other audiences. No one liked the sequels to pirates, and a lot of people didn't like Cars 2.

Unless you are a little boy who loves hot wheels, or a grown up boy who used to love playing with hot wheels, you will not love this movie, nor will you probably even like it. I also didn't like the theater filled with little boys, especially the one sitting behind me kicking my seat the whole time.

Last words?
A little Larry the Cable Guy goes a long way, and this movie centers around him. Enough said.

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