Monday, March 22, 2010

How to Save a Life

good morning,

this week was pretty eventful. I crossed two things off of my to-do list. I moved to Utah, and since I moved to Utah, I have to cross off clean the basement. WOOT WOOT!! My new goals to replace those.
1.)Get a job
2.)Find an apartment

hoorah for new goals.

Lets see, this week was eventful. My sister and I traveled from Minnesota to Salt Lake in 17 hours. Then we decided to visit her friend in Idaho Falls, and while there I stalked some mission people. Good times had by all. Then we drove down to Cedar City where my little sister lives. While down there we decided to drive down to Arizona.
Arizona was beautiful, the desert was actually green, it was warm, I didn't ever want to leave.
After Arizona we drove back up to Cedar, then I came back to Salt Lake. WHAT A WEEK!!

Though I did get 2 goals out of the way, some other goals suffered. I never want to eat again, and running outside in Utah proves to be more difficult than in Minnesota. Curse the thin air.


I was at the gateway mall in the summer parking, trying to find a parking spot. I FAILED!! The whole time I was just wishing that maybe around the next corner there would be a golden spot. Never happened, BUT! I did find a tunnel that led me to the winter parking lot. I found a parking spot, then started to walk doors that lead to the shopping area.

It was the last time I had to cross a way where cars come through.. I don't know what that is called. I could see the door that led to outside, a family was coming from shopping. I was about to cross the way when I notice a car not stopping and going fast. I stop. I then notice that the man pushing his baby daughter in a stroller wasn't noticing this fast car that wasn't going to stop for anything. I stood there awkwardly not knowing how to handle this situation. Then I just say in a loud voice, "Watch out" The man pauses to stare at me like an idiot, at the exact time the car rushes by. If that man had taken another step, his baby daughter would have been no longer. I continue walking as the family talks about crazy drivers, as I pass by them the man tells me, "thanks for saving my child's life."

I just walked away awkwardly.

There is a picture I drew to help people better visualize the happening.

don't be jealous of my mad art skills.

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