Thursday, April 15, 2010

I Can Go The Distance

Good Afternoon,

So long time no post.

I am currently exhausted, I've been busy. I do have positive updates though!

1. I have a job, in fact I have two.
-Host at the Cheesecake Factory
-Server at the Blue Lemon

2. I have decided that I want to be a musical therapy major, the only school in Utah that offers that is USU. So guess what, I'm probably going back this fall. I am also trying to work closely with my academic adviser to help me graduate ASAP.

3. I am signed up for a couple of classes this spring.

4. I am probably going to be moving soon with my old roommate Ashley.

5. I have been running, and working out, and since I have been way busy I haven't found much time to eat.

6. Sorry beyonce, I haven't worked on my Single Ladies Dance.

7. Perhaps my musical therapy major will help me with my dream of becoming a broadway star.

Also, other projects:

Becoming an artist. I have already painted one piece!

Being an athlete... in progress

New goal: Be TAN!!!!!

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