Monday, June 14, 2010

summer lovin

long time no post

No worries, you haven't missed much.

Classes are coming to an end, and surprisingly I am sad about it. Not that I am way into the subject matter, but because I really enjoyed going early to my psychology class and just talking to my teacher. He is great, his wife just recently passed away, so he would talk about her, and every time he did he started to cry. He really truly loves her and misses her. He would then try to pry into my non existent love life, then other people would come and he would focus on their love lives, and it was always great to hear about theirs.

What else, what else. I may be getting promoted soon. Which means a pay raise, I feel somewhat bad because I know I will only be there for a couple more months, but they don't know that. But at the same time, it would be great to get paid more.

I'm trying to plan my birthday party, IT'S MY BIRTHDAY SOON!!!!! except I don't know where to have it. I know when to have it. It's this whole where issue. If anyone has any ideas. I know it has to be in Salt Lake, a central location so people from all over can come and celebrate the greatness of me.

I am trying to finish a book, Up in the Air, it really shouldn't be difficult to do, but I get so bored!

I am very excited for the fall. I can't wait to have my own bedroom with an actual bed. (not that air mattresses are terrible.) And I will only have one other roommate, and she will have her own room. IT SOUNDS LIKE PARADISE!!!! bring it on.

Hey! also I have a guitar again, i have been practicing everyday. Be proud, I am finally starting to get strumming down, this is a miracle.

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