Monday, October 25, 2010

Time goes by

HEllo friends,

Desi inspired me to write my in my own blog. it has been awhile. Not that too much has changed. I am in school(.... narg....) I am on the USU Womens Rugby team (game this Saturday 11 am) (woo woo!) I am working as a server at the Texas Roadhouse.
I feel as if the biggest change that has occurred in my life is the fact that I am living by myself. I feel like a grown up. It is pretty much great. I clean when I want, don't clean when I want, invite people over when I want, listen to my music, take up the whole freezer, both bedrooms, whatever, and I never have to feel like I am being rude to someone else! talk about a great life.
I work a lot. which kind of stinks. My money hoarding tendencies are getting worse...
Life is good, busy busy busy. Busy is good, not a lot of time to think about life.

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