Monday, March 14, 2011


Summer is coming, I can smell it.

A month and a half until it is here.

Let me list for everyone things that I am excited for until summer.

1. Wednesday, going and playing with my old work friends, because they love and miss me! you know what? I miss them too.

2. California road trip in a few weekends with some old and new friends!

3. Parentals are coming to take care of my sister. Hopefully they get bored and decide to take me shopping, or something along those lines.

4. Another parental treat. General Conference!

Now, a list of exciting things that will come in my "Summer of Cleansing"

1. Leg healed, able to run and be awesome again.
2. Wear skirts and or shorts everyday.
3.Tan (along with that, one of my ultimate favorite summer things, bleached arm hair) ( I know, kind of weird)
4. Adventures, weekend concert with some high school friends, possible week in Costa Rica with some College friends.
5. Have constant friends! Huzzah for being loved by my family and friends in good ol' Rochester.
6. A JOB!!!
7. Trampoline, bon fires, green grass, thunderstorms, all things Minnesota.
8. Time to better myself, figure some things out for myself, and not for other people.

Summer is coming! I can already hear the Death Cab. (another thing I randomly connect with summer...)


  1. I do not like this posting about friends in Rochester. You are not to have any friends. Just your sisters. Seriously, if I already have to share you with Erin and Becca, I can not share with practical STRANGERS!!! Oh, and ps- the trampoline is no longer. :( Sad, I know.

  2. i love the bleached arm hear, i was talking about that yesterday!!! Costa rica?! yes please! that would be AMAZING.